Festival Rules

Barrowford Festival is a family event and our aim is to keep the park safe, secure and family friendly throughout the event.  In order to achieve this we provide SIA Registered Security who will man the entrance gates and patrol the festival throughout the event, if you see anything suspicious or need help please ask one of our Event Stewards.  Please take note of the following rules below:


  1. attempt or bring any alcohol into the festival ground, it will be taken off you and poured away
  2. attempt or bring any drugs into the festival ground, it will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the festival ground
  3. attempt to enter the festival ground if you are under the influence of alcohol, you will not be admitted
  4. attempt to bring any BBQ’s onto the festival ground, they will be taken off you
  5. get drunk during the festival you will be asked to leave
  6. use bad language, this is a family event and children will be about


  1. have a good time
  2. ask any volunteers, stewards or staff if you need help or have a question

There is a lost persons tent located to the left of the stage where we can make an announcement over the Main Stage PA system.  Please visit this tent if you need any support during the festival.

There is a first aid tent located near to the main Gisburn Road entrance to the park.  Please visit this tent if you need first aid during the festival.

Toilets are provided within the festival ground, please use them respectfully and keep them clean and tidy.